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Programme Advisory Committee

Endre KollárAssociate Vice President, Director of Germany-Hungary-India-Italy Production Group, Sanofi

Endre Kollár

Endre Kollár graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Budapest Technical University in 1987 and received his MBA in Economics in 2000. He started his professional career at Sanofi in 1985 and gained experience in several management positions, such as Production Section Leader (Fermentation Upstream), Plant Manager (Fermentation Upstream), Chemical Development Project Manager responsible for the launch of new molecules from laboratory to industrial sale, Plant Manager of the Synthetic Chemical Plant, Deputy Director of Chemistry and Director of Chemical Site in Újpest.
Since 2012 Endre Kollár is holding his current position as the Director of Production Group Germany-Italy-India and is the Associate Vice President of Chemistry-Biochemistry, located in Paris.


István Király, VP, Head of Operations legacy Novartis  sites, GSK Vaccines

István Király

István Király graduated from the Technical University in Budapest as a mechanical engineer. During his professional career he has filled several technical- and production-related management positions in different industries at large international companies such as General Electric, DANONE, Alcoa and GlaxoSmithKline. These challenges allowed him to be involved in the implementation and operation of different management and quality systems such as ISO, HACCP, GMP, Toyota Production System, Six Sigma and Lean Sigma. In 2006 he joined  GSK Vaccines and started his career  in Gödöllő Manufacturing site. He held various senior management positions until he was appointed as Managing director of the site in 2011. In September 2015 he was promoted to the positon of Head of Operations of the legacy Novartis Vaccines sites. His responsibilities include overseeing the industrial operations of those sites and also managing the integration those newly acquired manufacturing units into GSK Vaccines industrial network.


Lenka Francišković, Head of Processes and Products Quality, Belupo Pharmaceuticals Croatia

Lenka Francišković

Lenka is a Pharmaceutical Professional with a unique combination of pharmaceutical management experience and exceptional knowledge in the areas of the New Product Evaluation, Laboratory Operations, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Project Management. She has an extensive experience in pharmaceutical industry in Research and Development, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Environment as well as profound knowledge of TPB and FDA, EU and Croatian regulatory submission requirements. Strong knowledge of GMP, GLP, ICH guidelines and Pharmacopoeia is inevitable part of Lenkas‘ professional skills. Lenka is currently Head of Processes and Products Quality for Belupo Pharmaceuticals Croatia. Prior to this work, she worked in several positions at Apotex Inc. Toronto, Ontario and Genpharm Inc. (now Milan Pharmaceuticals) in Etobicoke, Ontario. Lenka has published several publications, is member of Pharmaceutical Sciences Group, Toronto and Croatian Association for Quality.


Dr. Erik Bogsch, Head of the Biotechnology R&D Division, Gedeon Richter

Dr. Erik Bogsch, Head of the Biotechnology R&D Division, Gedeon Richter

Dr. Erik Bogsch is the Head of the Biotechnology R&D Division at Gedeon Richter Plc. He is responsible for leading the R&D effort in the development of GR's biosimilar pipeline. Gedeon Richter Plc. is engaged in the development and manufacture of both bacterial cell fermentation based and mammalian cell fermentation based biosimilar products. GR has R&D, analytical & manufacturing capabilities in multiple locations in Hungary & Germany.

Dr. Bogsch, a Hungarian national, has a Natural Sciences degree from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in cell biology from the University of Warwick. Following a brief postdoctoral academic research career, he worked in the food industry for many years in R&D, Quality & Manufacturing roles in the UK, Hungary & Germany. He joined Gedeon Richter Plc. in 2012, as commissioning lead for GR's biotechnology factory in Debrecen, Hungary, before moving into his current role.


Prof. Dr. Vladimir Kral, Global Director Development Science & Innovation, Zentiva, a member of the Sanofi Group

Professor Král holds a degree in organic chemistry and received his PhD degree in organic chemistry and biochemistry. Between 1995 - 2005 he held the position of Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the Technical University of Prague, Czech Republic, conducting research on sensor analysis, supramolecular chemistry, bioanalytical chemistry and biosensors. Between 2000-2004 Professor Král was a visiting professor in the department of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Texas in Austin, USA, where he focused on aniuon sensors, drug development, texaphyrins and pharmacylic. Between 2000 - 2005 he also spent two months each year as a visiting professor at the medical school of the University of Texas in San Antonio, USA, focusing on selective NOS inhibitors. 


Dr. Csaba Szőke, former Global Advanced Sterile Technologies and Operational Excellence Director, TEVA

Dr. Csaba Szőke

Dr. Csaba Szőke graduated from the Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest as a pharmacist in 1989 and received his doctor’s degree in pharmaceutical technology and microbiology in 1996. Since 1989 is working for TEVA in various positions, such as Production Pharmacist, Chief Head of Freeze-drying section, Head of Injection plant, Division head of Sterile Pharma Production Division and Sterile Pharma Production Director. Since September 2012 Dr. Csaba Szőke is holding his current position as the Global Advanced Sterile Technologies and Operational Excellence Director and is responsible for controlling, supporting sterile production sites professional operation, leading new advanced sterile production processes and aseptic technologies development and implementation.


Livia Nagy, Customer Service and Logistics Director CEE, GlaxoSmithKline, Consumer Healthcare

Lívia Nagy

Prior to GSK she was Country Purchasing Manager at Kraft Jacobs Suchard and before  she has worked for local foreign trading companies where she has obtained breadth  experience on procurement and international forwarding in various industries. Livia has a degree in foreign trade from College for Foreign Trade, Budapest. Livia is native Hungarian, speaks English and Russian, and understands several other languages i.e. French, German, Italian.  She is married with one daughter and her passions areinterior and garden design, theatre and films, literature, and to spend time with the family.When supply chain restructuring started in 2010 she was appointed to lead  and represent the CEE Supply Chain team in the EU team.  Since  January 2012 she is the Customer Service and Logistics Director CEE driving the integration of the customer service and logistics function into the end-to-end model.Livia has joined GSK (then SmithKline Beecham) in January  2000 as a Logistics and Customer Service Manager, Hungary. In 2001 she was promoted to Supply Chain Manager South HUB CE and played a key role to drive and settle demand, customer service and logistics operations in CE South HUB.


Prof. Tamás Paál, Senior External Advisor, National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition & Professor emeritus, Institute of Drug Regulatory Affairs, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Szeged

Prof. Tamás Paál

Prof. Tamás L. Paál holds a degree in Pharmacy and Chemical Engineering. After spending eleven years in the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry Prof. Paál joined the National Institute of Pharmacy, the Hungarian competent agency for human medicines. Prof. Paál was Director-General of the Agency for 23 years. Having reached the age of 65 when such appointments expire in Hungary, he performs an advisory role in the capacity of President of the Scientific Board to the same Agency. Prof. Paál is also part-time professor at the University of Szeged, Hungary, teaching regulatory affairs and quality assurance.


Dr. Péter Lakatos, Member of the Presidency, Hungarian Logistics Association (HLA) & former Head of Logistics Centre, TEVA

 Dr. Péter Lakatos

Dr. Péter Lakatos is a certificated economist and Leader in Military Logistics. Between 1983 and 1997 he worked in different positions at the Military of the Hungarian Home Defence Forces. Between 1997 and 2002 he held several positions at Tesco Global Stores Plc. and started as a Training and Stuffing Director. Later he became the 3PL Manager and was responsible for the non-food distribution and was involved in the introduction of cross-docking under an outsourcing contract. Later he held the position as the Director of the public bonded warehouse of Menlo Worldwide Hungary Ltd. and Managing Director of Den Hartogh Ltd. Since 2006 Dr. Péter Lakatos is the Vice-President of HLA, issued more than 30 publications and was chairman at several conferences. Until April 2012 Dr. Péter Lakatos was heading the TEVA Logistic Centre at TEVA Hungary Plc. in Hungary. Currently he is active as an Associate Professor at the National University of Public Service, Budapest, Hungary. He is a guest speaker and instructor at the Selye János University, Slovakia, WU Transport and Logistics Institute, Austria, Seifulin University KATU, Astana, Kazahstan, IBS, the Budapest College of Management and the Budapest College of Communication and Business in Hungary. 


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