Interview with Blulog

Interview with Blulog


Interview with the Winner of the 3rd Central Eastern European (CEE) Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Excellence Award! 


In 2017 at PHARM Connect Blulog won the 3rd CEE Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Excellence Award in the solution provider category by developing an innovative solution for temperature and humidity monitoring and produced NFC connected boxes to assure the wireless and precise temperature and humidity monitoring during drug transportation. We interviewed Jeremy Laurens, Sales and Marketing Director at Blulog to know more about the winning project.

After many years of R&D on a revolutionary M2M technology, the Blulog engineering team has managed to create and develop very innovative monitoring solutions, ideal for the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive products, such as drugs or vaccines.

Blulog was created in 2015 and their solutions for temperature and humidity monitoring are currently implemented in 45 countries all around the world with more than 100 clients who appreciate their precise and affordable products. The company propose RF and NFC data loggers, enabling their users to monitor the temperature of products in real-time with average precision of +/-0.3°C, using nothing more than a tiny, wireless, credit card size device and a free application. Vast memory capacity (up to 185,000 measurements), long range and up to 10-year battery life are other factors that make the Blulog solutions unique on the market. The validated Blulog system complies with the HACCP, EN 12830 and GDP regulations and each data logger is provided with a calibration certificate.


  Which solutions and improvements did you introduce for your clients?

Mr. Jeremy Laurens  "Blulog proposes precise, plug & play and fully personalized solutions to help our customers monitor the cold chain. Our systems are based on the NFC and RF technologies. Thanks to them, our clients can not only quickly access temperature data, but also take immediate decisions based on the measurements' history. They do not have to install any supplementary devices, as it is sufficient to have an Android phone or PDA to read the data. The sender can also be immediately notified of the reception of goods by the receiver. Our RF system enables also to monitor parameters in real-time, either during storage or for refrigerated road transport, and to receive immediate alters via SMS or email. Moreover, as our loggers can be integrated directly in the box itself used for transport and not in the transporting vehicle, clients can have access to the relevant data concerning their particular products."


  How did this contribute to your client's success?

Mr. Jeremy Laurens  "The result of more than 15 years of R&D, our solution enables new possibilities in the pharma, logistics and e-commerce sector: it allows great simplification of logistics processes as well as high-level traceability. It also guarantees that the products people use or eat are of the highest quality possible. Moreover, a specially dedicated and easy to integrate web application allows to store and manage the data accordingly to clients' needs."


  What was the innovation within your project which made you win the 3rd CEE Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Excellence Award?

Mr. Jeremy Laurens  "The project we carried out in cooperation with The Independent Clinical Public Hospital n°1 in Wrocław (Poland) aimed at providing a reliable solution to provide temperature and localization data for the transport of cytotoxic drugs. After having tested several options, Blulog proposed innovative NFC-connected boxes to assure the wireless and precise temperature and humidity monitoring during the entire transport between the laboratory and the hospital.

The hospital searched for a solution that could be installed easily, whose application and utilization would be simple and whose functionalities would enable users to have an immediate access to the data, graphs, PDF reports as well as set up alerts in case of cold chain breach. Moreover, the objective was to propose a solution that could comply with HACCP regulations.

The most important factor that influenced the decision to adopt our NFC-connected boxes was the simplicity of use. All the medical staff has to do, is to place the reader next to the box for a few seconds to read the data. Another factor that was taken into consideration was the Wi-Fi access in the building where the packages are sent and received. This enables every person to have a direct access to the PDF reports, using the Internet connection. The reading of the entire temperature data is a trouble-free aspect – it can be done, using any Smartphone with active 4G and equipped with NFC technology."


  How do you think the recognition is helping you to raise your brand awareness further?

Mr. Jeremy Laurens  "First of all, we are very honoured to have received this award, after already winning the TRANSLOG Connect logistics award 4 months ago. The PHARM Connect Congress is one of the most important events in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector and a great opportunity for us to network and learn. As we already are recognized in the CEE region, participating in the event allows us to establish closer relationships with our customers and partners. It gives us also the chance to introduce our new products and share information regarding new technologies in the industry."


  In your opinion, how is the award supporting the developments of manufacturing excellence solutions in the CEE region?

Mr. Jeremy Laurens  "The award is a perfect way to encourage companies to further develop their innovative solutions and to enable new possibilities and functionalities in different sectors of the industry. It also increases competitiveness among companies from the CEE region which leads to amelioration and simplification of their existing processes and solutions, and enables them to better enter Western or Asian markets."


  From your perspective, which are the biggest challenges the pharmaceutical industry is facing nowadays in the CEE region?

Mr. Jeremy Laurens  "The CEE region is facing growing competition from countries in Asia or elsewhere where more and more manufacturing sites are being set up for essentially cost-cutting reasons."


  How are you supporting your clients to overcome them?

Mr. Jeremy Laurens  "By innovating, simplifying their processes and increasing quality and product safety via the use of our solutions, our clients from the CEE Region can gain an edge as providers of high-quality products and solutions at affordable costs."


  Are you planning to apply for the award again in the future?

Mr. Jeremy Laurens  "Yes, as we constantly invest in R&D in order to bring to the market new innovative solutions, we will most certainly participate in the next editions of the competition."


  Are you planning to attend PHARM Connect again next year?

Mr. Jeremy Laurens  "Yes, we are looking forward to it."


Mr. Jeremy Laurens held his presentation at the last day of the congress in front of the top pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals and peers of the CEE region in a packed conference room.


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