Interview with Meditop

Interview with Meditop


Interview with the Winner of the 3rd ever Central Eastern European (CEE) Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Excellence Award! 


In 2017 at PHARM Connect Meditop Pharmaceutical Ltd. won the 3rd CEE Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Excellence Award in the manufacturer category by developing an innovative approach to improve film coating efficiency with developing and applying of a continuous film coater. We interviewed Dr. János Bajdik, Head of Pharmaceutical Laboratory at Meditop to learn more about the winning project.

Dr. János Bajdik graduated as a pharmacist and he has been working for Meditop Pharmaceutical Ltd. as the Head of Pharmaceutical Laboratory for 3.5 years. He is responsible for coordinating the activities in the R&D laboratory, trouble shooting and technology transfers processes. Consequently, the adaptation of new technologies is also involved in his job.

Meditop Pharmaceutical Ltd. as a middle size company develops and manufactures its own products and offers services as a Contract Manufacturing Organisation to produce solid dosage forms in flexible manner and to provide support in development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products suffering with special sensitivity.


   What were the major achievements after the project had been implemented?

Dr. János Bajdik  "Major achievement was establishing a new internal approach to improve the efficacy and quality of non-functional coating processes with readiness to support the special market needs. It was a major step to establish our pilot scale film-coating capacity to support our developments with its outstanding flexibility and gentle technology and also establish an effective production capacity as well with small footprint without the problematic of scale up."


  What was the innovation within your project which made you win the 3rd CEE Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Excellence Award?

Dr. János Bajdik  "Key part of the new approach was using of a unique continuous coater which is suitable to coat tablets suffering from weak mechanical properties or containing heat sensitive active. Moreover, this curious coater enables us to accelerate our film coating activities and provide a big flexibility in the batch size without any scale-up studies. This new system also requires a new methodology in the development, which has been successfully constructed by contribution of all internal segments. These extraordinary development and manufacturing methodologies are innovative in the field of film coating and offer further development possibilities in the related activities, as well."


  How do you think the recognition is helping you to gain further publicity?

Dr. János Bajdik  "Presenting our results for experts is a great possibility to exhibit not only the figures, but partially also our philosophy. We hope that our mentality and the available technological facilities are promising for the possible partners having problematic products even in development phase or partners need extremely flexible production partner in batch size to further optimize the mutual affectivities."


  In your opinion how is the award supporting the developments of manufacturing excellence solutions in the CEE region?

Dr. János Bajdik  "The installed machine is exceptional not only in CEE region, but also in EU. Accordingly, our achievements can be the reference points for permeation of this technology. We believe that partners from this region will contact us, so this approach can be the base of fruitful regional collaborations to further improve this innovative methodology."


  Which are the biggest challenges your department or company is currently facing? What type of new solutions or methods are you planning to introduce in your current and upcoming projects?

Dr. János Bajdik  "The competitiveness is a big challenge for a middle size company. We have to find the niche, which is not covered efficient way by our competitors and or big pharma companies. Combination of the new technological possibilities with elevated flexibility can be out breaking point. Processing of components with special sensitivities also can be a good opportunity to find outstanding effective solutions. Consequently, the key drivers of our new projects are to find the quickest and efficient ways of working to support these intentions for efficient manufacturing of solid dosage forms."


  Are you planning to apply for the award again in the future during PHARM Connect?

Dr. János Bajdik  "It is a great honour to receive this award and it is an excellent feedback that this very hard work is valuable not only for us, but also for the jury. We are working to integrate further new technologies and related approaches into our workflow. We hope one of our projects will be also completed with similar results than this one and we can apply again."


  Are you planning to attend PHARM Connect 2018?

Dr. János Bajdik  "Yes, we confidence the outcome of our next projects will permit of our participation not only as visitors."


Dr. János Bajdik held his presentation at the last day of the congress in front of the top pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals and peers of the CEE region in a packed conference room.


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