Interview with Tempix

Interview with Tempix


Interview with the Winner of the 5th CEE Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Excellence Award! 

- Solution Provider category - 


Budapest, HUNGARY 13th March 2019 - TEMPIX won the 5th CEE Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Excellence Award in the solution provider category at PHARM Connect - the market leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing business summit for CEE.

We interviewed Marko Arola, CEO of Tempix to learn more about the winning project. 

Marko Arola has an interesting and wide background from the "Nordic green gold"; the forest industry sector. Mainly from Pulp and Paper industry that serves the packaging arena. He has held positions within the former Swedish Korsnas Group (today merged with Billerud). He started his career within production and quality control in the paper mill. After he finished university he continued his missions within marketing, logistics, distribution and IT. Nearly two decades within Korsnas was followed by the Norwegian Nordic Paper Group (former Wermland Paper) consisting of four paper mills, as the Director of procurement, logistics and IT.

Then Marko turned his interest towards clean tech field and served for half a decade as both business developer and CEO in Mewab AB and Hans Andersson Recycling AB. The services offered were primarily targeted to the packaging and forest industry sector within Sweden. Marko Arola joined Tempix as a co-owner and board member four years ago. He became soon the marketing director and in 2014 he started to operate as the new CEO of the innovative and awarded Tempix company. Marko Arola is also one of the authors to the book "Temperature on Business systems" used in the Information Technology Institutes in the Swedish Universities.


  Which solutions and improvements did you introduce for your client?

Marko Arola   "Cold chain monitoring solutions on pharma transport packages."


  How did this contribute to your client’s success?

Marko Arola   "They were certain that the cold chains were intact and they could also put pressure on the logistic service providers. They saved costs also."


  What was the innovation within your project which made you win the 5th CEE Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Excellence Award?

Marko Arola   "Our innovative irreversible label with bar- and barcode erasing functionality showcased the cold chain problems in daylight."


  How do you think the recognition is helping you to raise your brand awareness further?

Marko Arola   "I think Tempix takes off even better within the pharma industry. Our brand is being acknowledged and we hope eastern and central European companies find their way to our doorstep."


  In your opinion, how is the award supporting the developments of manufacturing excellence solutions in the CEE region?

Marko Arola   "It gives us good reputation as a cold chain service provider for the pharma business within the CEE region. Hopefully new business ventures are to follow."


  From your perspective, which are the biggest challenges the pharmaceutical industry is facing nowadays in the CEE region?

Marko Arola   "I am not an expert within the pharma industry but I think that in all industries trustworthiness is most crucial for long term survival. To avoid badwill and to be able to handle difficult future problems and situations professionally without unnecessary delays."


  How are you supporting your clients to overcome them?

Marko Arola   "We help them to discover the cold chain problems and make them transparent. When Tempix cold chain securing labels are placed on the products they instantly get better. Many times because of the psychological effect when individuals handling the products realizes that they are monitored. The workers change their behaviour and they set the temperatures at the corrects level, they close the lorry and fridge doors fast, pack the products better and so on."

Today Tempix is spreading their unique and cost effective cold chain monitoring solutions to the big markets in the world. For more information please visit or


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