PHARM Connect Congress | 26-27 February 2014

If one had to describe PHARM Connect with one thought, it would most likely be the best all-around platform for the entire pharmaceutical industry from early-stage R&D to the sealed medicine on the shelves.

For the fourth time on the 26-27 of February 2014 PHARM Connect Congress brought more than 400 senior decision makers together in Budapest from over 23 countries with more than 35 solution provider companies also gathering to give adequate, all round answers to the challenges the pharmaceutical industry is facing.

Talking about CEE region, PHARM Connect is simply a must-attend event for professionals and decision makers within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.


Extensive Speaker Lineup

The importance of the fact that all countries of the region were represented on the event was also highlighted by Dr Zsolt Szombathelyi - the Global Research Director of Gedeon Richter: Historical background, social similarities and mutual economic goals forge the region into facing one common issue, a constant growth as one. Common challenges inspire us to find the solutions together and urge us to try and integrate the less developed countries of the region. The panel discussion led by the Regulatory Affairs and R&D Directors of Arterium and Zentiva was dedicated to the future of innovative pharma manufacturing and the necessity of global cooperation. The more and more rigorous regulatory environment, increasing production costs, and decreasing market prices are affecting everyone.

Nowadays, as our advisory committee - consisting of prestigious line-up of experts – emphasises, in the complex world of pharmaceutical and biopharma production, all elements in all phases, such as research, clinical trials, production, processing, automation, packaging, storage, distribution and logistics, as well as the regulatory environment and solid legal background - are connected to each other very closely - and as a result affecting one another. In this trend R&D, constant, high-level technology development and transfer in all production areas, accurate, prompt, flawless information flow, along with precise logistics planning and perfect regulatory compliance is essential. We put great efforts into conveying this information to our clients and partners, and in order to achieve that, we have invited the professionals who are among the best to address the topics.

For instance Finesse Solutions, providing the industry with their SMART Factory Solution, which is designed to increase productivity in order to optimise bioprocessing through SMART devices that allows distributed control and provides intelligent information.

With harmonised processes and built up modular systems, and with all information gathered on a common platform, production becomes more efficient.

Information and intelligent platforms were also a focal talking point at PHARM Connect. Delegates had a chance to have a glance on the future through the lenses of GE Intelligent Platforms. As Terry Siggins- Director Software & Services European Channels, GE Intelligent Platforms,- emphasised the expected effects of forecasts that in five years time, approximately 40% of the skilled manufacturing workers will retire, will result into the tremendous growth on intelligent platforms. 

This is a driving factor for GE IP, to provide a broad selection of smart solutions. Management, quality assurance, production, planning, maintenance and warehousing are aiming at the same goal from different perspectives. Adequate, accurate, prompt information. Thanks to GE IP’s modern devices, knowledge is in your pocket anytime anywhere.

In modern production there is an ever growing need for technology improvements in order to operate without human factors, decreasing the chance of mistakes and increasing cost efficiency. Step by step human resources will be subsidised with automation technologies in full robotically process integration. The above was exemplified trough FESTO’s state-of-the-art machinery.

Operational excellence for customer satisfaction requires quality-packaging solutions also, and for this reason we were glad to welcome PLASTRADE, BERICAP, BOSCH Packaging Technology, APTAR Pharma and many others.  Matthias Birkhoff – Vice President, Marketing CHC Division, APTAR Pharma - allowed us an insight into the future of packaging, by highlighting how unpreserved medications require advanced delivery technologies or how systems need to maintain sterility of formulation through shelf life as well as during use. The tip-seal, the venting system and the snap-fit between bottle and the dropper can prevent microbial contamination of the bottle content under challenging test conditions. This and various inventions alike were put on display, to emphasise the importance to the audience.

Dr Zvonimir Majic the Head of Quality Assurance EU Logistics from TEVA Europe led the logistics theme of the event. Through his presentation delegates obtained an overview of HUB logistics facilities, its increasing potential in buying power and quality assurance as well as the importance of developing a centralised transportation model in Europe.  While TEVA is the largest generics producer of the world, represented in 60 countries with their extensive warehouse politics, it is also a key member of the Hungarian pharmaceutical-warehousing industry. To visualise the above in real life environment, as an outstanding opportunity, participants of PHARM Connect had the chance to visit the TEVA Logistics site in Gödöllő.  

Since there is an ever existent urge to comply with the more and more complex regulations and inspections in the world of pharma production PHARM Connect also provided both regulatory and legal know how, by well known and renowned names from the area, such as Amer Alghabban Director, Global Quality Assurance Auditing of Merck Serono or Forgó, Damjanovic & Partners who are offering a wide range of legal platforms in Europe.

Key decision makers can pre-schedule their agenda online with the TEG Meeting Scheduler® website which is globally recognised as no. 1 within the industry, resulted in a large amount of educational content, numerous new agreements and business partnerships by enabling the right senior managers and their relevant partners to find each other in the most convenient and efficient way, in a controlled buying and selling environment.

Those who decided to set the pace, stay in the front row of market developments and keep the edge over the competition, have all taken part and can share their experience with you further. 

PHARM Connect Congress was invented by TEG The Events Group in order to create a platform for all the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals in the region, where they can exchange useful information and experiences, update themselves on the latest trends and network with each other, supporting the rapid development of this part of Europe.